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Sam and Gigi both arrive in town on the same train. Soon after the bank gets robbed, the saloon gets robbed, Johnny and Mary get robbed, the train station gets robbed and Hank himself gets robbed! Of course everyone thinks Sam is responsible…. Meanwhile, Luke and Katie are arguing about what is “men’s” work. Johnny and Mary struggle with how to run the ranch and Hank is trying to run his campaign.

JULY 3-7, 10-14 

Ranchers & Rustlers II

Written By: Randy Apostle

Showtime 7:30pm

Matinee 2pm – July 6

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After a summer storm wreaks havoc on all of their plans, Bonnie and Brad strike a deal with Mandy and Rob to share the local reception hall for their Stag and Doe and wedding. Chaos ensues. Among the unset Jell-o shots, a missing wedding cake, and a disastrous first dance, past relationships are examined, current couples are put to the test, and new romance blossoms. Wildly funny and unexpectedly touching, Stag and Doe offers a look at a distinctly rural Canadian prenuptial tradition…and shines a light on the nature of love, marriage, and weddings.


Stag & Doe

Written By: Mark Crawford

Showtime 7:30 pm

Matinee 2pm – August 3

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The Memorable Music of the Legendary Ladies Starring Brenda-Lee Cottrell is back again this summer at SVT! Featuring hits by the unforgettable Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Lesley Gore, Petula Clark, Dust Springfield, Loretta Lynn and more!

Wednesday, July 26

Brenda Lee Cottrell

The Memorable Music of the Legendary Ladies

Showtime 7:30pm

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Recently named International Tribute Artist of The Year Aaron Prociuk began A.R CASH in 2013 as a stylistically authentic tribute to Johnny Cash’s music from the 1950’s through the 1960’s. With the addition of Ashley Robertson paying tribute to June Carter, the group entertains enthusiastic audiences sharing the history of Cash’s early career and faithfully performing beloved hits like “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Wildwood Flower” and “Jackson”.

Thursday, August 24

A.R Cash

The award-winning tribute to Johnny and June

Showtime 7:30pm